The previous day I had hit the fancy resort gym a little too hard. It was so fun to be in a gym that my enthusiasm got the best of me and I was certainly paying for it.

Also, sleep deprivation, and getting over a cold combined to make me feel quite a bit less than. So, after my 30-minute walk to a local thrift store, I was not doing so good. I bought myself a warm fluffy sweater for $12, and a hot earl Grey to help with the chills. And decided that I would move forward with my plan to walk into Carlsbad.

Shortly after I continued on, I found a $10 bill on the ground. It was one of those fun cool things that made me feel I had made the right decision.

As my walk continued, the air warmed, and soon I was trekking through hills on the way to the coast.

An hour and a half into my walk, I finally hit the coast, and decided to stop for a while on the beach. And hour and a half walk after that, I was in Carlsbad proper.

Honestly, it was cool: bigger than Encinitas, lots of restaurants…but somehow less cute. The shops weren’t as interesting and it felt kind of empty. It looked like a touristy beach town in the off season. So I stopped in a Chocolate shop, got a couple of truffles for us, and Ubered back to the resort.

The trek was long, looking back I think I would’ve skipped it, but the chocolate was the perfect nightcap after a delicious meal provided by the conference Andrew was working.

Dress – Into from Byron Bay
Boots – thrifted