Well, folks, when they say you can never go home again, they lie.

Eventually, you even have to go home again, if only because the hotel won’t let you stay for free, and your flight back is booked. But never fear, home will be there waiting for you….or not.

In this case, the frigid temperatures were exactly where we left them. The cold? Check. The wind? Check. The flash flooding as temperatures suddenly and momentarily spiked? Che- wait, what?!?!

Yup, Our basement flooded. Bad. And now, after two severely hard hitting estimates, it looks like we have major foundation repair ahead of us…..fuuuun (sarcasm fully intended). So, um, can I go back to San Diego instead??? The hotel was cheaper.

Pants – Lululemon *very old*
Top & Leggings – Free People *also old*