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Home, Really??

Well, folks, when they say you can never go home again, they lie.

This Is Who You’re Dating





Star Wars Leia Shirt – TeeFury  //  Cardigan – hand me down  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Beanie – UO  //  Socks – FreePeople  //  Boots – Locale

Andrew and I went out on a date.  Dinner, a little shopping, and a movie.  Yup, this was my hot date night get-up.  Just a little reminder of exactly who he’s with…sci-fi obsessed nerd girl.

Some ladies might put on a sexy red dress and heels, I put on my Star Wars shirt and beanie.  Oh yeah, hawt.

*sarcasm fully intended*

Throes of Winter




Fringe Sweater – SheInside  //  Leggings – H&M  //  Leg Warmers – Free People  //  Hat – UO  //  Necklace – Ruche  //  Boots – Aldo

Now that we’re in the deep throes of Winter, I’m drawn to simple, monochromatic, and cozy.  Layers, layers, layers – that’s the name of the game.  Chunky knits and things that pile on to add warmth.

Basically, I’m turning myself into a big marshmallow puff ball, if possible.

Saturday Smiles: Good Stuff!

Hat & Leggings- F21; Arm Warmers – Ruche; Top – Trixie in Toronto; Dress – H&M; Leg Warmers – ?; Shoes – Thrifted.

Chocolate is officially off the list!  Only because I’m banning it, not because it doesn’t make me smile.

  1. The commercial shoot I did earlier this week – felt good to be on set, and felt great to book the first audition my new agent sent me on. 
  2. Red Earmuffs!
  3. Grandparents – thanks to which I could go to auditions, callbacks and shoots! 
  4. Foot massages – with the whiny baby I’ve had this week these have been a lifesaver.
  5. Days spent bumming around in slubby sweatshirts *see picture above*

True Story:
Baby and I both have tea *mint tea* in the afternoon, me in my mug and her in her antique china teacup. 

Toward A Woman’s Heart

Hood/Scarf – Smart Set; Top – Everhart; Cardi – Aritzia; Leggings – Lululemon; Legwarmers – ?; Shoes – Payless.

Had a callback for a film.  It was a little weird, but hey they didn’t ask me to do anything compromising so whatever.  Hopefully I get it.  It’s a feature length film, and it would be really nice to get onto a set for a longer duration.  So fingers and toes crossed.

And when I got home, not only was there dinner waiting for me.  But!  There were also homemade chocolate chip cookies cooling on the counter.  Oh yeah.  Now that’s a man who knows how to get to a woman’s heart.

Well, diamonds work too.

True Story:
Baby now eats with a fork and spoon at the dinner table in a booster seat.  
No more high chair. 
She’s growing up!
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