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Home, Really??

Well, folks, when they say you can never go home again, they lie.


There was this crochet bag that I really wanted.

Black Friday Sales and Peace of Mind

It’s that day of shopping days. That day where you go and fight and get those deals. And add all to cart. 

Still Recovering, In Sweater Dresses

Wearing dresses in the Winter can be tricky.

Happy Sale Day!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas!

One Woman Dance Party


You know when you’re driving and you pull up to a red light alongside other cars, and in the car beside you you see that person?  There’s that person who is blasting music, bobbing their head, drumming their hands, and is clearly singing as loud as possible.  Either unaware or not caring that people are watching them, they make faces, act out all the bits of the song, and wait with anticipation for the guitar or drum solo acting it out on their steering wheel.

That person is me.

Janis Joplin, Rolling Stones, ’70s hits, and Queen. Yup.

For the record, my driving is superbly precise – I just do it while having a one woman dance party.





Kaftan – Arnhem  //  Pants – Lululemon  //  Boots – Aldo  //  Necklace – Gypsy Love Store  //  Turquoise Bracelet & Hat  – ThreadSence  //  Turquoise and Red Bracelet – eBay  //  Rings & Sunnies – F21

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Throes of Winter




Fringe Sweater – SheInside  //  Leggings – H&M  //  Leg Warmers – Free People  //  Hat – UO  //  Necklace – Ruche  //  Boots – Aldo

Now that we’re in the deep throes of Winter, I’m drawn to simple, monochromatic, and cozy.  Layers, layers, layers – that’s the name of the game.  Chunky knits and things that pile on to add warmth.

Basically, I’m turning myself into a big marshmallow puff ball, if possible.

No Sugar For You




Boho Shirt – Anthropologie  //  Cardigan Jacket – Zara  //  Socks – Free People  //  Leggings – H&M  // Boots – Locale

Chasing a toddler around the house to get cuddles is one of my favorite activities.  It’s a little bit of joy to get the kisses and hugs, and it’s a little bit of vengence too.

See, they make you do things you’re not keen on all the time, and bugging them back a little to get something you want is a tiny little parental rebellion.

I was engaging in this activity, while saying, “Give me some sugar!”

Suddenly, she stopped dead in her tracks, turned to me.  Gave me a death stare and a super cute toddler furrowed brow, “No!  No sugar for you Mama!”

I tried to looked appropriately put in my place.  Managed to hold it until she turned her back, at which point I giggled silently to myself at being reprimanded by a three year old.

Clearly I’m A Very Disturbed Individual

beanie-boho-tunic- pleather-pants

Netflix, the on demand tv subscription, provides suggestions based on what you watch. I think Netflix must be seriously concerned about my mental health. Either that or it thinks I’m a morbid, serial killing, pedophile, with a post-apocalyptic obsession. Oh and Buffy – ’cause my Mom watched that while she was here.

beanie-boho-tunic- pleather-pants

beanie-boho-tunic- pleather-pants

beanie-boho-tunic- pleather-pants

beanie-boho-tunic- pleather-pants
Tunic – Free People  //  Leggings – Lush  //  Beanie – Tristan  //  Boots – Call It Spring  //  Necklace – Vanessa Mooney  //  Belt – came with a dress

“Because you watched The Following” – it recommends documentaries, reality tv shows, and movies all about serial killing.

“Because you watched Cabin In The Woods” – it recommends every horror show and movie ever.

“Because you watched Dual Survivor” – it’s recommended tons of reality and fiction apocalyptic and ‘prep for the apocalypse’ shows.

“Because you watched Daniel Tigers Neighborhood, Super Why, and Dora”- it recommends all the children’s shows.

Yeah.  I’m pretty sure that Netflix not only thinks of me as a disturbed individual with violent, apocalyptic, and children’s obsessions, but it actively promotes those obsessions.

I’m kind of embarrassed to show anyone my Netflix account.  More than my underwear drawer.  At least that’s all clean.  My Netlfix recommendations on the other hand….

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Casual At Work Outfit And Toddler’s As Evil Masterminds

Love that a selfie in a dirty mirror results in perfect doll-like skin

Plaid Shirt – Guess  //  Thermal Henley – Aritzia  //  Tank & Leggings – H&M  //  Socks – F21  //  Combat Boots – Threadsence  //  Necklace – bought in Spain

At work.  The nice thing about being a photographer and actor is that you can go to work dressed like this.  On a day where I had two shoots, I wanted to be warm and comfy.  This outfit took care of both those requirements.  Yup, definitely a much appreciated perk.

True Story:
We’re firmly in the “Why?” toddler stage.  I’m not quite sure if she’s actually curious, or if she’s just trying to see how many ‘Why’s we can stand before sighing and saying, “Because.”

I highly suspect it’s an evil toddler prank that they discuss on internet forums when parents are sleeping.  Maybe we’re guinea pigs in some psychological experiment.

Yes, that is where my brain goes.

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