Catch joy where you can, am I right?

It’s bee a bit...challenging *yes understatement* the last little while. There’s been loss and struggle, etc. etc. But let’s just say that the capacity for joy needs to be sought and worked for. And it doesn’t have to be huge.

It can be as little as bundling up and taking a trip to the Maple Syrup festival with some friends, eating some maple syrup treats, and being silly.

Learning about how Native Americans, then pioneers, then Victorians made syrup was really cool for me. Though my girl was a little distracted and just wanted to play.

But I thought the effort involved was spectacular. And then the guide showed us a tiny block about 4x3x1 inch that represented all the sugar a Victorian family would’ve had for the month. It really struck home how over processed and over sugared we are.

It also made me think about a lot of our excesses, and the fact that there are many ways to take control of how we’re living. Many ways to stop being careless, wasteful, and realize that life takes effort.

Which segues into my collaboration with Sand Cloud. They’re a company with many sustainable items for purchase. I got a metal straw and cleaner in a very cute carry bag to take with me everywhere. But they also give a portion of their profits to help sustain marine life and beaches. So you know, this beach lover wants to help.

Now, you may not think that’s a lot, one metal straw, and a portion of profits. But consider how many straws are used in the world everyday, and that they end up in landfill. Not to mention the constant resources needed to keep making them. That’s huge. A portion of profits may not seem huge, but if every company gave to sustainability, and strove for sustainability….well, that would be huge. A drop becomes and ocean.

Tee – c/o Sand Cloud
Jeans – Gap, upcycled by me
Jacket – The North Face via SportChek