Yeah, I get it, the crochet thing isn’t strictly ‘on brand’ with what I do. But guess what? I dont’ f**kin’ care.

We’re all a lot more complex than a narrow brand, and this here site is to share the whole complex-riddled with contradictions – that is me. Part of that is the deep love of crochet. So here’s me going on about crochet:

I made a blanket for my friends. They’ve just rented a house together, and even though they haven’t bought it, it feels like a bigger step than just an apartment. Might be my own perceptions, but whatever. Anyway, I wanted to make a housewarming and Christmas present. The idea of making something beautiful from rejects is truly at the heart of what I like to do. I like to take the bits and bobs, the recycled, thrown away, and ends of a project, put them together and create something new.

So this blanket was made with all of those. All the yarns that people didn’t want, that I reclaimed, and repurposed. Not only do they have a new magic together, but it keeps a ton of textiles from the landfill.

Crochet garble done….for now.

There’s a whole lot more Handmade, thrifted, and vintage goodies in my shop.