After Alice Springs, I flew to Brisbane and stayed overnight with Erin’s cousin and her family. They are adorable! Two kids full of spunk and wit, and the cuddliest puppy ever. After the fantastic joy of a home cooked meal and laundry, I took the bus in the morning down to Byron Bay.

As you know, I love my Aussie brands. And a bunch of my favs are based out of Byron. So after seeing Byron and the brands for so long on instagram, I figured I have to make it there in person.

The walk from the bus stop to my AirBnB took me right past the Spell boutique…and though I thought I could hold out, no such luck. I went in all weighed down with luggage and had an internal “The hills are alive with the sound of music” moment. The running mantra in my head was, “Play it cool. Play it cool. Don’t freak out.” Naturally, I treated myself a little.

After settling in, it was time to check out Byron proper and hit the beach. I figured I would do both in detail over the next few days, but I needed a quick taste. My walk to the beach was spectacular. The perfect reveal. And chilling on the beach with my book in solitude proved to be the exact things this introvert needed.

Scarf & Shorts – Spell Designs
Bag – National Geopgraphic