Watching a short video about social media, the question the speaker asked was, “when people come to your page, do they feel better or worse?” He was talking about the constant push of ads, and the consumerism mentality. He was talking about ‘influencers’ pushing products on people the same way ads do: by making the viewer feel their life is less than, and would be picture perfect with that product. While I do not in any way consider myself an influencer – I’m just a chick with a love of fashion, and a brain/mouth that won’t stop – I did think about what he said, and have made it my motto.

While I don’t often work with brands, because my numbers are small and because I’m very picky *sustainability is huuuge for me*, there is an important lesson in that short message to everyone on social. Do you put out content that make things better or content that makes things worse? Makes others feel less than? While there’s nothing wrong with challenging, in fact, it’s necessary to challenge and question as that makes all of us better, there is something wrong with a picture perfect reality that has consumerism at the heart.

Here’s the truth *and it’s nothing new* I don’t have a lot of money, I don’t have a perfect life. I have shit days and golden days. I get annoyed with my spouse and my child. I love them both to bits. I get anxiety about large social situations, I also get lonely. I cry and laugh, and poop and fart. We all do. I get sick, and don’t do well with handling illness. We all suck sometimes and we all are awesome sometimes.

My driving motivation is to make someone smile, or to see that their closet and their style is awesome. Often I hear women say, that they could never dress as extravagant as me because of confidence, or that they just don’t know how to dress. There is no confidence necessary – all that’s required is to not take it so seriously and to play. As for not knowing, it’s really not that hard: practice and try. That’s the big magic secret to everything: practice.

So yeah, you’re awesome and full of everything you need: because if you have the capacity to learn, you can try, you can practice.

Here endeth the lesson and the rant. I’m gonna go hide under a blanket because I’m kind of nervous about something. Hey, I’m human.

Dress – Spell Designs *old*
Jacket – Tree of Life
Boots – Matisse Footwear *clearance*
Necklace – Raw Eco Jewelry
Sunnies – Common Sort