We all like games on our phones. I mean, they’re easy, the keep us from getting bored. But I don’t know if you’ve noticed what they’re taking away from you: time and being present. And what they’re helping you cope with: not actually thinking about what you’re doing and how you spend your time.

At least that’s what I noticed. I noticed that I was spending time on it and not thinking about what’s happening at the moment. I was spending probably an hour a day on them, but that’s a precious hour. And I spent that time on them because it also helped me escape my to do list, the nagging thoughts about my career, feeling uncomfortable while i learned a good skill instead. It was easy. It was comfortable. It let me coast.

I don’t want to coast. So, I deleted them. I kept one simple non time consuming puzzle game for metro rides, times of utter boredom. But all others are gone.

Since then, I’ve found that I’m forced into learning those uncomfortable skills. I’m forced into looking and thinking about next stages. I’m forced into actually addressing and thinking about the things I’ve been avoiding. And while it may not be easy or comfortable, but at I do feel better.

I feel better after tackling my list of things to do. I feel better after finally learning that new skill. I feel much better than I would’ve passing that level or whatever. So while it’s not comfortable, it’s definitely an improvement.

Top – Top Knot Goods via Bohemian Love Runway
Shorts – Tiare Hawaii via Revolve
Boots – thrifted
Sunnies – Commone Sort
Necklace – Pendant bought at Organic Fusion cafe, chain from another necklace
Bag – Threadsence *now closed*