When you live in Toronto, and you’re on your way to the cottage, there is one place you must stop – Webers. It’s an institution at this point. The burgers and the stop at the picnic tables is a must and really if you drive right past, who the heck are you?!?

My lovely travelling companions of course. Somehow, we all managed to coordinate and wear red. It was the Red team heading to the cottage. And Drake, who just hoped against hope that someone would give him their food.

Once at the cottage, I of course had to pop in and test the water. After unpacking and settling in, the swimsuit went on in earnest, but you have to try it out first thing. You know, to make sure it’s still wet.

And when all is said and done. Nothing beats a lovely sunset walk through the woods.

Dress – vintage via Etsy
Boots – vintage via Gypsy Found Objects
Hat – bought in Las Vegas
Sunnies – Common Sort