If I have a serious weakness, it’s that of crochet dresses. Clearly. There’s some warm and timeless to them. To be fair though, I generally have a crochet weakness. This dress has a lovely weight to it, and it’s incredibly soft. It does have some downsides. The sleeves are way too long – like, get in the way long – and the slip is far too short. It’s made of a stretchy material, so I’m either going to have to find a way to add material to the end, or get a different slip to go underneath. And there are tiny hooks to help close the dress, but I find that they just pull and catch on threads, so I’m going to remove them.

It’s still a timeless piece. And here’s the thing when you buy clothes not only online, but clothes generally. General, not custom made, clothes are made generally. Meaning they’re made for the average and not your particular body; so, you’re going to have to alter things to suit you. The slip is probably fine for someone who has a shorter torso, or who likes really short slips, but that’s not me. And I’m sure there’s a thought process behind the hooks too – just doesn’t work for me and my clumsy lifestyle.

Again, still a piece I’ll treasure for years to come, and the fact that it has some hiccups I need to address doesn’t change that. So, here’s the answer to that question I get a lot, “How do you buy clothes online?”

  1. Know your measurements and check those of the garments.
  2. Know the styles that work well for you.
  3. Be prepared to either alter, or return.
  4. If in doubt, contact the company/store/brand and ask questions.

Dress – Chasing Unicorns
Boots – thrifted at Gypsy Found Objects
Bag – Muche et Muchette via Winners
Necklace – RawEco Jewelry
Sunnies – Black Daffodil