It was a stressful week. It’s also going to be a very stressful week. *send good vibes for the major things happening*

I’m not alone – we all have our stressful weeks, and our challenges.
Here’s a reminder to breathe, step away from the screen, turn off the notifications, and stare at some trees even for just a bit.

When I wear this Purabeada bracelet, made right here in Ontario, is always a little reminder for me to make sure I look after my soul. It’s my little mental kick in the ass, you should get one too. The bracelet or whatever else kicks you in the ass.

Dress – Abercrombie & Fitch via JustThrift
Boots – Gypsy Vintage
Belt – F21
Sunnies – Simons
Bracelet – c/o Purabeada
Watch – c/o Timex
Necklaces – Free People and Raw Eco Jewelry