Dresses are amazing. Skirts are glorious. But there’s something about a great pair of jeans boots that were ‘made for walkin.” It doesn’t hurt when you’re taking pictures with Queen blasting out of the car stereo. That definitely makes me feel like some rock star on the road – the glamorous part, not the work-hard-never-sleep-and-practice-all-the-time part.

Different clothes definitely make me feel different things, or rather, I should say that they highlight different aspects of my personality/feelings. It’s what I love about fashion: the creativity to not only express what you’re feeling, but to also create and evoke that within yourself. And if you think that applies to women, not true. Men walk differently when wearing a great fitting suit, than they do in their ratty old tee shirt. It’s all of us. Our outer layer affects us.

That’s why I think it’s important to pay attention to it. Not only are you sending a message to the world, but you are impacting your inner life. If you want bright bold colors and patterns, but wear black everyday because it’s easier – I think that self-denial has a profound effect over time. The exploration of fashion, and yes, that includes ‘mistake’ outfits, all teach you about your inner workings. And I am never against any tool that teaches you about yourself – it all brings wisdom.

Jacket – Spell Designs
Top – I totally forget, it’s years old
Jeans – Gap
Boots – Matisse Footwear
Sunnies – Simons
Bracelet – Threadsence *now closed*