I know we all have phones, and we all have the time updated there automatically, but I still really love the feel of wearing a watch. There’s something solid and grounding about feeling that on your wrist. Not to mention the fact that when I wear it on the inside of my wrist I feel like a spy – apparently that’s a classic spy thing: to wear your watch with the face on the inside. So it may be silly, but I feel like I’m running some sort of secret counter surveillance operation when I wear my watch on the inside. But for these shots, I obviously turned that around…plus, I’m not really a spy.  Or am I??

Anyway, I love this watch that Timex picked out for me. It’s kind of outside my usual wheelhouse, but I just love how happy and bright it is….wait, so that would be the opposite of me. Is there a dark and sarcastic version? Kidding. It’s a great piece. But guess what happened? Through a beautiful error, I got sent two!  Wow! I contacted them right away and notified them – obviously I don’t like to take advantage of their generosity. And after a quick conversation, we decided that the extra watch would be a lovely chance to do a giveaway. So I’m giving you a chance to win this exact watch. Enter on instagram and win it for yourself, or a fabulous Lady in your life.

Watch – c/o Timex
Top – Spell Designs
Shorts – Arnhem
Necklace – Threadsence *I think they’re now permanently closed*
Earrings – F21
Shoes – Call It Spring
Sunnies – Simons