There was this great week there: where my In-laws watched my girl one evening, and then took her for two evenings on the weekend. Now, don’t get me wrong, I missed her. But there was something really great about being able to go out and do things with Andrew. Usually, we’re taking turns staying home so that each one gets out.  I do a lot of things in the evenings with friends and that’s great, but it was also really refreshing to go out with him. Not ‘date night’ since we hung out with a bunch of friends too, but just really good to feel like a couple and be out together socializing. More of that please.

Anyway, it was fortuitous that the day we biked out in the evening, my jumpsuit arrived. I was really looking forward to this sale item as it has a perfect mix of French feeling with a boho vibe. Just doesn’t get better than that in my opinion. And biking through my old stomping ground of University of Toronto, I thought it was the perfect place to stop and take some shots. I remember these fields well as I eagerly ran from lecture to lecture. Yes, I said ‘eagerly.‘ Yes, I was that student and I’m proud of it. I loved school. I loved it all.  With the sun setting as we headed out for the evening, the nostalgia certainly hit me hard.

Jumpsuit – Auguste the Label via Tan&Tide Boutique
Bag – Muche et Muchette via Winners
Necklace – hand me down from my Mama
Sunnies – Simons