I love a great pair of lace tights. I had a fun pair from F21 that lasted for years and then died. Then I got this pair on sale at Free People. Aaaand of course the very first time I wear them they rip. And when I mean rip, I don’t mean a tiny little hole that can be repaired or ignored. I mean a full on, put two fists through, rip. A righteous rip. Apparently I’m that woman. That woman who can’t wear tights without ripping a massive hole in them. It was sad to see them go – especially since I only wore them for two hours before they tore. Oh well, we’ll always have the pictures.

Sweater – Pink Martini
Skirt – Spell Designs via Southern Hippie
Tights and Socks – Free People
Boots – Lulus
Long Necklace – Threadsence
Short Necklace – Bought from the Native American reservation in Arizona
Sunnies – F21