Sweaters, knitted skirts, and long socks are things that we Canucks have to wear transitionally as well as in the Winter. Online I browse beautiful images of summer and spring in full bloom where people say things like, “It’s Winter and so coooold, I had to layer with a sweater.” And I’m over here like, “Sweetheart, pleeease.”

But there is something beautiful about the austerity of Winter. The stripping down, the bareness of it. There’s a raw beauty to it which I enjoy, in the sense that it’s akin to a raw stripping down of the soul too. It’s hard to go through a Winter without the Vitamin D, and the SAD (seasonal affective disorder) raging through your bones. But it does have an upside – you question yourself and everything.

And if you sit still and stop running, you just might meet yourself.

Sweater – thrifted
Skirt – Club Monaco, hand me down
Socks – Frock Toronto
Boots – The Shoe Company