I haven’t had caffeine for about a day and a half. My head wants to explode, but it also feels really nice to be able to know that I’m working all this out of my body. But my head wants to explode, and I’m jealous of his green tea. Ugh. I’m jealous of his green tea. What has my life become?!? *sarcasm by the way – I’m laughing through all this because well, caffeine withdrawal is a small thing really*

It’s Monday, so enjoy the fresh start. And I’ll try and do the same….after some ibprofen, you know?

Jacket – c/o Lyst
Skirt – vintage via Etsy
Top –
Tights – Walmart
Boots – Thrifted
Sunnies – Black Daffodil in the Junction
Top – Francois Beauregard *old*