…I get into political twitter conversations….about Trump.
…I spend that time educating users on what democracy really is.
…I wonder why people say, “Actors shouldn’t be political.” *It’s stupid by the way, we should all be political*
…I dance like a maniac to Taylor Swift’s new album.
…I eat waaay too much garlic hummus and end up gassy.
…I over spend my budget because, oh my God, those dresses I’ve been eyeing since March finally went on sale!!
…I sit in the shower because I’m just that exhausted.
…I re-watch old season of Charmed because they’re silly and campy and make me laugh.
…I tweak with color for hours on end in Lightroom on my photos, both blog and client, because I’m just that obsessed.
…I flip flop back and forth on whether to cut my bangs or grow them out *No, seriously guys, what do I do???*
…I wonder if running away with the circus is actually an option.
…I swear…a lot.
…I dance like a maniac to T-Swift, again.

Dress – Chasing Unicorns
Tights – Walmart
Boots – Threadsence
Necklaces – Free People and Etsy