“It would be as though my hands and feet were suddenly untied, and life was pouring back in.” – Rumi

Today, I’m not writing. I’m not sharing the beautiful things that are a part of now. There are not great things, and there are beautiful things, but I’m trying to sit in it all and rejoice in the strength of my body and the bounty of love in my life. I’m humbly thankful and so appreciative of the people in my life who are willing to give of themselves for me, and I do not take it for granted. So, I’m not going to talk anymore.

Instead, I’ll pass it to you. Right now. What is beautiful in your life? What are some joyful things in your life? I’d love it if you force yourself to find five of each, because I have no doubt that there are at least that many. If you’re willing to share with me here, or on instagram (@joannahaughton) I would love to hear them – I really would

Dress – Spell Designs
Boots – thrifted
Belt – thrifted, brand is Hadley Pollett
Necklace – Raw Eco Jewelry
Sunnies – Black Daffodil in The Junction