Breathe. The world will go on whether you’re in it or not. Take comfort, in the fact that you can rest, that you can take time for you, that you can replenish and the sky won’t fall.

Breathe. Facing yourself and your true desires is hard. Facing them is painful, but eventually you will find the way back to yourself.

Breathe. You are not trapped. You can change the circumstances of your path, simply sacrifice security and the things as you expected them to be.

Breathe. He’ll touch you. He’ll love you. He’ll tell you so. And if he won’t, you’ll still be fine.

Breathe. One day you will learn to love you. And one day you’ll be able to tell ┬áhim you love him too.

Breathe. Just keep going.

Top – UO
Skirt – Spell Designs
Sunnies – Common Sort
Necklace – Raw Eco Jewelry
Earrings – F21