Baby *do you mind if I call you baby?*, it’s Monday, let’s get out there and kill it today, shall we? Can we all agree that life is hard, life is short, and joy is fleeting. So when a chance to go out and ‘suck the marrow out of life’ presents itself, I say we do that. Today, I will work out, and do what I love: run lines and edit photos, then goof around with my girl. I may not talk to other people, but I’ll be filling up my own cup with the work that brings me joy.

You may not change the world, but you can bring a little bit of joy to yourself and to someone else. That joke you tell can make someone smile, and that’s worth the world.

Jacket – Danier Leather
Dress – Threadsence
Tights – Hansel from Basel
Boots – Aldo
Necklace & Sunnies – Free People
Bag – Lucky Brand, hand me down