I have this notebook. I notebook where I write down sentences, poems, fragments of books that strike me. And sometimes when I need a pick me up, or inspiration, or something to get me outside myself I’ll look it over.

Today was one of those days. Except that inspiration wasn’t forthcoming. It hid and refused to come out. It decided to stay under the covers, and refused to come out of bed. Such is life I suppose. Some days no matter what you do you can not will yourself into ideas, into thoughts, and sometimes, even opinions.

If you, like myself, are having one of those days, let’s go for a walk. See what the world will bring, and even if nothing comes, at least we walked.

Tee – hand me down
Skirt – Auguste the Label
Sweater – thrifted
Tights – F21
Boots – thrifted
Necklace – RawEco Jewelry