You read all my words here. You see all the pictures. You might have seen the tutorials or a tv show. But you can also hear me, regularly, being my not funny, awkward, and dorky self on Caverns and Comedians. Okay not really, you hear me be dorky and nerdy, but I’m also doing a terrible accent while I play Dungeons and Dragons with some of the best dudes around.
And they’re really funny.
Even if I’m not.

So for the cool people, Dungeons and Dragons is that thing the teenage boys were playing at the beginning of Stranger Things. It’s a table top role playing game where you have character sheets and you roll for results of actions. We adventure and tell a story, and cut out all the dice rolling and arguing with the Dungeon master stuff.

I’d love for you to have a listen. Check out all the episodes to get in on the story and in the know. We’re on our website, or on iTunes. If you’re up for giving us a listen and rating and reviewing I’ll be super grateful. And let me know what you think on Twitter or Instagram.

Thanks so much!

*Okay, blatant pitch over*

Top – UO
Skirt – BCBG c/o SaksOffFifth
Cardigan – Old Navy
Socks & Sunnies – Free People
Belt – thrifted Hadley Pollett
Boots – Call It Spring