Sometimes I post the pictures and think about what to say and have no idea. My fingers hover over the keyboard and I will something witty, or interesting, or frankly, anything resembling complete sentences into my mind. And sometimes they just don’t come. ┬áThis is the time I don’t envy writers. I know they practice and study their craft but sometimes it must be so challenging to create under a deadline. To force creation. I’m lucky, I don’t have that pressure. I write when it comes and can save thoughts and ideas for posting later.

There is a freedom in that. But there’s also the lack of discipline, so that I find myself writing a post for the next day not knowing what to say. And I don’t like that. I like to think and craft my ideas and share them once fully formed. No luck today. So I hope you enjoy the pictures, get some inspiration and maybe ask yourself how you could further your craft today.




1web-Spell-love-child-denimTop – Spell Designs
Shirt – unknown
Skirt – F21
Boots – Aldo
Necklace – gift from my Babcia