When I was in school, even though I liked the freedom of summer, I was always excited by back to school. I’m one of the school nerds, who loves learning and loves classes. So yeah, I was excited. But it also held endless possibility, a chance for a fresh start – at least in theory, we all knew that nothing really changed and all the same people were there. There was always that anticipation and hope though, and it carried over into my university years as well.

Now, as I eagerly anticipate back to school, it’s because I’m excited for my girl and her new chapter. I’m also very excited to have my 9am-3:15pm back to myself. Though beach days and silliness are wonderful, I do look forward to having my quiet time back, my workout time, and my work time without the constant questions and running dialogue. I love her, but as an introvert parenting an extreme extrovert, it can be….challenging.







Jacket – Spell Designs
Top – Milk in Ottawa
Jeans – Ditto via UO
Boots – Threadsence
Necklace – Etsy