Yes we’re rule breakers. Oh well. Andrew and I went away for our anniversary to the Gatineau area of Quebec. It’s a really lovely place and we were right smack in the middle of nowhere. But the nice thing is that we had an incredible house all to ourselves – off Airbnb. And good thing too, because other than one adventure, which I will tell you about presently, it rained cats and dogs for three days straight. So a gorgeous house was the only saving grace…and a lovely hot tub.

But the one adventure we managed to have is this:

Driving up some mountain roads, then some dirt mountain roads. Then parking the car off to the side because the road is so tricky and ours is not an all terrain SUV, walking another kilometer or two, and breaking some ‘suggested’ fence rules we arrived at a really cool grotto created by an old quartz mine. It was really, really cool. And I can tell we’re not the only ones who trek up there – many an abandoned campfire and beer cans, if ya know what I mean. Especially at the top. You could come in at the bottom, but then walk around and up a hill and come up on top of it too – and that view was spectacular.





On the way between the grotto and our car, there just happened to be a lake. A uniquely clear lake, and also one with very interesting structure. What I mean by that, if you stood on the sand at the water’s edge and looked in, you could clearly see that within literally a foot and half the lake got so deep you could barely see the bottom. And within about three meters of the water’s edge you couldn’t touch the bottom. It was literally a steep hole, of lovely clear, warm water.  I can tell you that because we tested it.



Top – thrifted
Shorts & Suit – Spell designs
Shoes – Walmart
Pendant – Dazzing Druzzy on Etsy