It’s been a little too hot lately to wear a jacket, but I still brought it along. Some nights are surprisingly cool and it’s nice to have that extra layer. Though really, I brought it along because I love it so much. I saw a sneak peek about six months ago, and knew it was going to be pricey. I don’t often *read never* buy clothes at retail value – always sale and usually sale on sale. But I loved this jacket when I saw it. So I saved and made sure that I would have enough when the time came, and good thing too, it sold out within 24 hours. But it did not disappoint.

It’s one of those pieces that will get a lot of PPW *price per wear* and will therefore end up being cheaper in the long run than some sale pieces I’ve bought. So basically here’s the point: it’s okay to buy those expensive pieces once in a while when you know you’ll get years worth of wear from them, when they are investment pieces and not trendy things that you’ll stop wearing after a season. Those are the things in your closet that will stand the test of time.Spell-Designs-Panther-Jacket-6web





Spell-Designs-Panther-Jacket-2webJacket – Spell Designs
Necklace – Raw Eco Jewellery
Bag – c/o Novum Crafts
Dress – UO