By now you’ve read all about our second day Cuba adventure, here’s the outfit.  One need for me has always been comfort and movement, I’ve said it many times before. But that doesn’t mean that when you travel you have to stick to shorts, hoodies, and sneakers. Just be thoughtful. I wore all natural cotton and rayon – so I knew I’d be cool, made sure that if need be I could hike up my skirt, brought a hat, and finished off with closed toe comfortable booties I could easily walk around in for hours. I had covered all my bases, just the same as the standard shorts, tee, and sneakers: weather appropriate, comfortable, and practical. But none of that means you ever have to look boring!







Cuba-Tree-Of-Life-Top-Spell-Designs-turquoise-skirt-14Skirt – Spell Designs via Turquoise Lane  // Top – Tree of Life  //  Bag – Muche et Muchette  //  Necklace & Booties – ThreadSence  //  Sunnies – F21

What bummed me out was that I fell asleep on the bus ride back to the resort, and when Andrew woke me up we had just pulled to a stop and had to get off quick. In my sleep haze I left my sunnies on the bus. Gone forever. Boo.