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The Final Farewell to Cuba

Our plane wasn’t leaving until later in the evening, and we didn’t have to catch that bus until around 5pm.

The Last Sunrise

The last day in Cuba was probably the most perfect in terms of weather.

Cuban Sunrise

Maybe by now you’re tired of all the beach lounging adventures.

Playa Pilar and Treading in Hemingway’s Footsteps

Just a few kilometers away from we were staying, a ten minute bus ride actually, was Playa Pilar.

Retracing our Steps in Cuba

Our favorite walk was definitely the one that took us over rocky terrain and along the cliffs.  

A Dock Into the Ocean

One morning we decided to walk the other way on the beach.

Adventuring Off the Beaten Path

A beautiful warm and sun filled morning on the beach followed by some adventuring. 

Ruffles: Or How to Dress For A Day Trip

By now you’ve read all about our second day Cuba adventure, here’s the outfit.


The last bit of our packed day was a gorgeous boat ride through the mangroves.

A Packed Day!

The second day in Cuba was full of fun experiences.

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