Jacket -Le Chateau  //  Top – Vero Moda  //  Hat – Aldo  //  Sunnies – F21  //  Leggings  – H&M  //  Boots – Call It Spring

It seems that women *the teens and early twenties variety especially* seem to forget that leggings are not pants.  They are leggings.  A hybrid between tights and pants.  Therefore you should always remember one thing:  cover your ass!  Ladies, regardless of how nice or well scuplted you deem your derriere, please cover it when wearing leggings.

Too many a time have I walked behind a young woman on the metro and seen the exact shade and shape of her underwear through the bum she presented to me underneath her leggings.  It’s not a view I particularly enjoy with my morning coffee.  I don’t want to see it, and while there are some who do, please for the sake of the rest of us keep it off the public metro and streets by just doing me one little favor:  cover your butt.

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