Jacket – Gap  //  Sweater – Mexx  //  Dress – Love Audrey *get one in Coral from Threadsence
Tights – F21  //  Scarves – street stand  //  Boots – Locale  //  Bag – Ruche
Give me a great dress, a fabulous jacket, and a large bag and I can rule the world.  Not literally of course, but somehow this is the perfect trifecta of sartorial brilliance to make me feel confident with who I am.

This is also the outfit I wore to a recent audition where in the middle of it I took off my boot.  To be fair, it was relevant and part of the scene, but I don’t think they expected me to do it.  Nor to continue the rest of the scene waving my boot around.

I got excellent feedback from that audition and they were “impressed with me.”  That seals it, I’m taking off my boot at every audition from now on.