Jacket & Tights – F21
Dress – ModCloth
Belt – H&M
Boots – Ruche

Everything old is new again, or more specifically, nothing gets old in my closet. I’ve had all these items for years.  Except the tights.  They’re about six months old and $5 at F21.  I love recombining older things in new ways.  Really I would say that’s the secret behind real style: being able to constantly create unique looks with existing items.

Now yes, sometimes you’ll hit on a combo you really like, and by all means repeat that.  And yes, there is a finite number of combinations that look good together, but then you work within that *rather large* finite number of combinations.    All I’m saying is that style comes from the ability to combine and create within the given set of materials.

Of course, that’s not to say I have style.  I just have an idea of what style is.

True Story:
I come home.  
No welcome. 
I go into the kitchen and see two bums facing me.  
No welcome.
Both Andrew and Baby Girl are at the counter focused on cooking. 
I say, “Hi.”  They both turn to briefly look at me and turn back. 
He’s busy chopping.  She’s busy peeling the shells off hard boiled eggs. 
Welcome home Mama… I guess.