Jacket – Gap  //  Dress – ModCloth *sold out*  // Tights & Necklace – F21  // Boots – Feet First  // Ring – Threadsence

Playing with different trends and styles.  Experimenting with different perceptions of self and different sides of various aesthetics.  These are the things I love about fashion.

But there’s also something serenely and peacefully perfect about a homecoming.  A homecoming to that outfit that best defines you. An outfit that really reflects to the world who you are at your core.  The outfit that feels just like the worn in jeans, a cup of hot chocolate, or that home cooked meal your mama made.  

A floral dress, jean jacket and boots.  That’s my fashion chicken soup.  It just doesn’t get any better. 

This is me world.

True Story:
Baby Girl got a firetruck and fireman action figure as a Thanksgiving Day present from my Mom.  
I’m not talking about how she’s been obsessed with it ever since.
I am talking about how she took the fireman figure and insisted on changing his diaper. 
The figurine is maybe 5 inches tall. 
So he went from pooping his pants in a fire to being smothered in a diaper???
Poor guy can’t catch a break.