Threadsence Hi-Lo top // Gap tank & jeans // Lustre, Montreal zebra necklace // F21 sunnies // Payless shoes

How y’all doin’ today?  Me, I’m speaking and thinking in a southern accent. And I can’t shake it for the life of me.  So that’s how you should read today’s post – with a southern accent.   This always happens when I watch too many episodes or films about the southern United States.  I suddenly start speaking like Lemon from Hart of Dixie.  Like some southern belle, or actually more like one of them cowboys.
I was always more inclined that way, never really wishing to be a southern belle.  Nope – broken in jeans, a plaid flannel shirt with a some open buttons, cowboy boots, and a great ol’ big cowboy hat is always how I imagined myself if I was from the south.  Yeah, I think that would be just fine.
Too bad I’m not though.  Can-eh-jun through and through, from Torrono  *for those of you not familiar it’s “Canadian” and “Toronto” – sorry a bit of an injoke for us Canucks*

True Story:
Baby was at the pond and as every duck flew in to land on the pond – and there were a lot of them – she said to each one of them, “Good Moning Ducks!” 
Now doesn’t that just break your heart?