Shirt – Smart Set
Jacket, Necklace, Shorts & Hat – F21
Boots – Threadsence

Sharing.  Sharing something here.  We all struggle with something when it comes to our appearance right?  Double chins, bellies, thicker then desired thighs – everyone’s got something.  So here’s mine – I struggle with adult acne.  Who the heck knew that at my semi-advanced age I would have to be dealing with the same crap a 15 year old, hormone raging, teenager does?  Certainly not me.  What’s more, is that I work in an industry that is so appearance centric I can’t not think about it all the time!  Sitting in an audition room surrounded by beautiful women with clear skin, I pray that my acting skills will get me through and that the MUA on set will be talented.  True, I could do something like take the pill to help clear it up, but I don’t like to put those hormones in my body, and yes make-up – covers it up, but the fact is I know it’s there and I don’t want to have to wear make-up.

And it eats away at my self-confidence.  I know it shouldn’t.  I’m more than my skin, I know I shouldn’t complain because there are people in the world who are truly suffering,  I have more worth….etc. etc. ….I know all this.   Tears are spilt, and it sucks.  Thank you.  Carry on.  I promise I won’t sulk too much. Like I said, we all have something, right?  Have a great Monday!