Top – AE; Sweater – Gap; Pants – Le Chateau; Boots – Locale; Bag – Matt by Matt&Nat; Ring –

First off, notice the awkwardness of taking outfits shots in a crowded boxing week sale mall?  Yeah, mega awkward!  Almost as awkward as that time I was shooting a music video in downtown Toronto in a silver catsuit….

Allmost, not quite though.  Anyway, I digress.

My husband took me out for my birthday and he said that I can’t get
dressed up. “Jeans and a hoodie, he said.  I at least negotiated a cute
sweater instead of a hoodie and cords instead of jeans.  And to be honest, I was upset that on my
birthday I couldn’t get all gussied up, so I decided to have my own
little rebellion by doing my nails a fun and bold color.  But the shooting lesson was worth the dressing down.  Oh and I found out why he told me not to get all fancy, because you have to have your cleavage and such covered in case the shell casings fly down your shirt.  That would suck, ’cause they burn.

Chelsea, my lady, that’s you!  I have to say that even though the draw is random, I was pulling for Chelsea.  She entered everyday!  And she tweeted her heart out about it, so I did I little cheer when I saw that her comment was lucky 13!   Email me your image and link and let’s get you set up ASAP.  Congrats lady!

Stay tuned for another giveaway coming in early January!

Quote of Today:
“I can’t liiiive without red lipstick!”
My thought in reaction, “Really?  COD: lack of red lipstick?”