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A Little Bit Weird

Andrew asked me, “How do you not get depressed watching this all the time?” I was watching Bones.

Here’s to the Bitches

I recently got called a ‘bitch.’ Why? Why did I get called a Bitch? Because I dared to challenge a man who was talking shit about someone.

Who’s the Problem? And Other Thoughts On Conformity

I wore this on a day I hung out with a friend, and had drinks with some girlfriend’s in the evening.

How To Be a Great Mom

The bath was done, the teeth brushed, pajamas on, story read, and it was time to turn out the light and cuddle.

Outdoor What?!

Hey all, are y’all ready to shed the layers? ‘Cause I sooo am.

Frak, I’m Growing or Something

It’s quiet here. And not in a good way.

Jennifer Fukushima Promo Code!


I’m a little OCD when it comes to care of my clothing, and generally possessions of worth. Not because I’ve got some strange attachment to them but because I’m very frugal.  If you care for it, it will last a long time right?  I still have clothes from high school.  I know, right?

But a classic red dress never goes out of style. So I’ve kept it. Same with this Jennifer Fukushima cardigan – or the one in green. It’s one of those pieces that can stand the test of time because it’s a classic. Plus, Toronto made, with a focus on sustainability and renewable resources? Yes please!

Whether your style is boho like mine, vintage, classic, minimal – whatever – this fits right in.  But can we please just talk about the incredible texture on it?  Can we? Okay.

Look at all the delicate and detailed pattern shifts and changes. Amazing.  It’s also really soft and light.  When I picked it, I was kind of expecting a slightly stiffer tweed like material, but this just bends and moves and sways in the wind.  Plus, I kind of think of blue as a neutral – mostly ’cause I have so much of it, that a classic blue just goes with anything I own.  I’m totally wearing this as a light layer over summer dresses in the next few months….sometimes a great little cardi is the perfect alternative to a kimono on those days you just want something light, or you’re, you know, not as obsessed with kimonos as me, and actually prefer to look very put together.  Whatever.

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Tweed Cardigan – c/o Jennifer Fukushima  //  Top – Ruche  //  Cords – Gap  //  Boots & Turquoise Bracelet – ThreadSence  //  Silver cuffs – gifts  //  Long necklace – TopShop  //  Turquoise necklace – bought in Europe

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If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em





Cardigan – ThreadSence  //  Lace top – FreePeople  //  Corduroys – Gap  //  Boots – Locale  //  Scarf – SheInside

That’s the saying isn’t it?  Well, it’s a full on snowy gray winter here, so I guess since I can’t beat it and I have tried, I might as well join in.   It seems that no amount of wishing and hoping, and wearing bright colors and lace dresses will make this bitter chill or tufts of snow leave.

I think the time has come to embrace the snow and the cold and see what will happen.  The least I can do is try to make the white and gray as fabulous as possible.

p.s. I think it’s awesome that no one noticed that I got rid of my highlights and dyed my hair back to dark brown about a month ago.  I guess it was only a dramatic to me.  It always is. 

Woman at Work



Cardigan & Top – UO  //  Pants – Free People  //  Boots – Locale //  Scarf – SheInside

This day I was on my way to assist at a shoot all day.  So the mantra of the day was comfortable, movable *to lift and adjust gear etc* and no jewelry *you don’t want it getting caught on some lever*

Since I couldn’t use accessories to brighten my wardrobe, I went for what Andrew calls ‘loud’ pants.  I love a good paisley.  Much more so than a floral, and this grey and cream pant was perfect.  They’re a bit big *they were on sale and the size left was a touch bigger than mine* so once I break them in it’ll need a good belt, but I kind of like the baggy boyfriend cord look once in a while.

There’s A Grumpy-Pants Pattern





Kimono/Cardigan  – ThreadSence  //  Pants – Le Chateau  //  Top – Free People  //  Scarf – Kensie  //  Boots – Locale  //  Belt – Lucky Brand  // Bracelets *old* – Ruche , ThreadSence, F21  //  Earrings – I forget

I notice that in the last few posts there’s a distinct trend.  It’s because when travelling *grandparents on both sides for Christmas* and when I feel a bit sleepy/grumpy *which I have been* I tend to go for the uniform that I mentioned on Monday.

Yup, that’s the explanation.  Even with tights, it’s just really hard to get dressed in dresses when it’s cold.  Plus somehow, pants are easier when you’re a grumpy-pants.

What do you go for as grumpy-pants clothes?

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