Dress – vintage from Etsy; Belt – Spotted Moth; Boots – Feet First.

With Halloween coming up, I’ve started wondering.  When should you take your kids out?  I’m not taking Baby out this year because she can’t eat the candy, she probably wouldn’t understand or appreciate it, and she’ll probably get overwhelmed and/or scared of the whole thing and all the frightening sounds.  I want to take her out when she can understand and appreciate the whole fun process and know that it’s not real – just fun.  But that’s where I’m coming from.  What do you guys think?  When did you take your babes out for the first time? 

And on the flip side, when do you let your kids go out alone?  I read this article in the Globe and Mail and found it quite interesting food for thought.  What age should we be trusting our babes out alone?  9,10, 11? Finally, when do you think the cut-off for trick or treating should be?  When are you too old to trick or treat?

These are certainly some things I have never considered before becoming a parent.  And now that I’m here, all these decisions are on my mind.  And I try to do what’s right for me, but it’s difficult to hold strong in the face of judgement from other parents who think that what they do is what everyone should do.  Have you experienced this during Halloween too?

Quote of Today:
“‘Cause everybody needs a good cape.”