Baby and I went for a walk to the bank today.  It’s a simple and rather mundane walk, but today I went out focused on trying to see the fun and pretty things on the way. 

The first thing I saw was this awesome cement truck,  No, you’re not imagining it – it’s pink!

Then I noticed a cute habit that Baby has developed.  When we’re walking, instead of leaning back and enjoying the sights, she always sits straight up in her stroller and holds onto the tray.  This is her go-to walking position – perched on the edge of her seat.  She’s gonna be a go-getter that one!

I also noticed some fun building art.

And finally, after our walk, Baby shoved herself into the smallest, most awkward place in the room.   Why?  I don’t know.

  Sometimes, I don’t get that kid.  But I love her.