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This Sums Up Christmas

Braid and a Haircut

After seeing me with braids very often, my girl started asking for “Mommy Hair.”  This is ‘mommy hair’ everyone.  Two little french braids.  She loves having them done.

But just a couple days ago, she requested a haircut.  After warning her that I wouldn’t be able to do ‘Mommy hair’ on her after a haircut, I obliged.  Now the two cute braids are gone, but in their place is the cutest little bob on the planet.

So I’m not too sad about it.  Plus, she seems much happier without hair in her way.


For Halloween, my little girl decided to be a butterfly.  We made her costume, complete with antennae, from scratch using old cardboard boxes.  I love that she had to work to create her costume, it made her so proud to go out and show everyone her wings.

And of course our house is not immune to the Frozen craze.  She loves the music and asks me to put it on every afternoon after school so she can sing and dance along to it.  Being the awesome mom that I am, I went on Ebay and got her an Anna costume (she’s an Anna, not an Elsa girl), and for an extra $13 got myself an Elsa costume.  Now, it’s all about the Anna and Elsa cosplay as we sing and dance every afternoon.

Random Sundays: A Day At The Museum


 I’ve become very aware of the fact that my girl is going to school in just a few short weeks. The days when we’re home together and can do anything on our whim are coming to a close.  So I’ve been trying to do some really fun things with just the two of us.  Dates, as you will.  And just recently we went to the Royal Ontario Museum to check out their wildlife and dinosaur exhibits.


 As soon as we entered she plowed through everything really, really quickly.  And once we reached the end she turned to me and said, “Let’s start again!”

So we did and this time we went through slowly, doing all the activities.



 After a few hours, and tons of activities – including a tea party – she was pooped.


But at bedtime she asked, “When can we go see the dinosaurs again Mama?”

Random Sundays: Week Away

The week away at the family camp was possible the best time in my little girls’s life. So far anyway.

Sunday Shooting

My girl loves video games so much that she’s now taken to shooting trees and shrubs just like Link in Zelda.

Summertime Walks

Summer time walks in the park with my girl. Doesn’t get much better!

Everyone’s Idea of Fun is Different

There’s a Holiday Train from the Canadian Railway that pulls up with all these lights. One of the cars is open and set up like a stage for a Christmas concert. There’s hot chocolate. There’s a firetruck and an ambulance for the kids to run and sit inside.

Lots of families.  Lots of smiles.  My Baby Girl loved it.
Sometimes Toronto feels like a small town. 

Meanwhile, Drake the Dog’s idea of fun is passing out on a pile of little pieces of paper. To each his own I guess.

All Natural Spa Night Birthday

My best friend, Emily, had her “29th” Birthday party and she had a great idea for a two parter day.  The first part was a fun family visit where partners and children were welcome.

Of course my Baby Girl decided to tell everyone what to do.  She had the adults dressed up and reading stories to her.

For the second part the families got kicked out and it was just us ladies for some wine and an all natural girl’s spa.


I loved getting together with some of these ladies that I hadn’t seen for a while, and meeting some wonderful new women.  They’re all such generous and open hearted women. Feels like I’ve known them all for years.

Random Sundays: Handy

Some people have a handy man.
Some people have a handy woman.
I have a handy baby. 

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