What’s better than really stylish second-hand clothing? When it’s customized just for you!

Sweet Jeans does that, and does it so well. Here’s the idea: reclaimed denim jackets made one-of-a-kind custom pieces through the incredible stylings of paint and an artistic vision.

I went for the custom option, and it was an incredible experience. I had a couple back and forth messages about fit and how I like my jacket. Then I put in my request for the painting: rock ‘n roll hippie google image search. I gave a generalization because I really wanted to see where the muse would lead and what I would end up with. Now, of course, you can be more specific, but what I came away with couldn’t have been more perfect. The colors are spot on, the pattern and the little bit of deconstruction are perfect. I really couldn’t have designed a better jacket for myself.

And you can too! I have a sweet discount code for you: JOANNA20 to get your own custom, or ready-made piece. I highly encourage you to go the custom route – it’s so unique and made just for you. Plus, you get exactly what you’ve been dreaming for. I sure did!

Sweater – thrifted
Skirt – thrifted from Just Thrift
Boots – Locale
Jacket – Sweet Jeans! Go get yours!