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SuperHero Powers

 Tank – Brandy Melville  //  Shirt – hand me down  //  Vest – Shown To Scale via Threadsence //  Cords – Le Chateau
  Boots – Feet First  //  Necklace – Threadsence  //  Sunnies – F21
If you all saw Friday’s Vlog post, you know I was wearing cords and it was established that I’m “country bumpkin” because of it. I don’t think I helped the issue by pairing it with plaid.  Oh well.  You can see that I’m super horrified about this *sarcasm fully intended*   Actually, while I was wearing this vest, I had two men tell me within three hours that they really liked my ‘cape.’  I love that they called it a cape.  Made me feel like a superhero.  Some kind of fashionable Wonder Woman? 

Leaping over tall boots in a single bound, and putting together outfits at the speed of a bullet.  Yup, I’ll take that superpower.  Or if we go with the previous comment, I’m a Country Bumpkin superhero!  Yup, maybe I’ll even bump into Daryl from The Walking Dead and we’ll go hunt zombies!  Okay, now I’m really going over the top.

But really, I think it’s cool how different clothes have such different affects on people.  I am continually fascinated by the various reactions to some of the things I wear.  Whether good, bad, or in between, I love to hear the affects, ’cause it’s all so personal and subjective.

Sexy Woman Day

Dress – Zara //  Tights – HUE  //  Boots – Feet First  //  Belt – F21  //  Earrings – Gift  //  Bag – Ruche
More office wear coming at you.  I snagged this dress at a super end of season sale a few years back, and I love the way it makes me feel like I’m a stylish ’70s woman.  It’s conservative and yet still fun.  Plus, who doesn’t love a gold belt?   Again, I loved the looks in the office elevator.  It’s either my staggering beauty or the fact that these people have never seen color and pattern before.  Let’s go with the beauty theory.  If we’re going for grand delusions, I say we go for the really satisfying ones.  So today, we’re all Sophia Loren!  
In honor of this self proclaimed Sophia Loren day, might I suggest donning some sexy lipstick, a foxy dress and some fun shoes as you go about your day?  Even if you’re stuck in a cubicle, or stuck changing diapers – let’s get our sexy woman on today. 
*Wow, that is not where I saw this post going!*

Office Days



Sweater- hand me down  //  Top – Joe Fresh  //  Skirt – Ruche altered by me  //  Tights – HUE  //  Boots – Feet First  //  Bag – Ruche  //  Necklace – c/o Scarlet Samples

I’m working in an office part time now, so you may see a bit more office wear from me.  But here’s the caveat, it’s office wear from me; so, no stodgy blazers and cardigan sets.  I like how office wear has become loosened and become more creative.  Yes, with 20 minutes to get ready I put together this fun office appropriate number.  I loved that I was the only one in the elevator wearing color and red no less!  It made me smile, and there’s no better way to start your day than with a big grin.

Eye Sneezing Conundrum

Vest & Necklace – F21  //  Shirt – Campus Crew
Tank – hand me down  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Locale

I know.  Epic fail on Dressember, but hear me out.  I’m sick.  Like super sick.  Like I can’t breathe, and can’t wear mascara because every single time I feel like I’m going to sneeze my left eye tears up, and this happens about once per minute.

So I said to Andrew, “I’m wearing jeans and a shirt today.”  I went upstairs and put on jeans and my comfy plaid shirt.  Then I thought to myself that it’d be real fun to pair it with a glam necklace.  So I put one on.  And somehow a vest just seemed to pop in my brain to complete the outfit.  I didn’t put on any make up because of aforementioned eye sneezing problem and didn’t bother running a brush through my hair. 

When I came downstairs Andrew laughed, “That’s your idea of jeans and a shirt?”

“Yeah, what’s wrong with it?”

Joie de Vivre

Jacket – Billy the Flying Tomato via Threadsence  //  Shirt – Everly  //  Corduroys – Le Chateau
Boots – Feet First  //  Bag – Ruche  //  Zebra Necklace – Lustre from Montreal  //  Sunnies – F21

Just so you know, I’m obsessed with jackets lately.  It seems that every shop I visit I’m supernaturally drawn to their jackets.  It’s probably the dropping degrees in the weather that have me reaching for fun outerwear, but then again it might be something else.

Maybe I’m searching for ways to cover up.  Maybe I’m searching for the perfect finishing touches.  Maybe it’s my new Joie de Vivre over the film shoots and auditions and wonderful feedback.  

Jackets, as a metaphor for life and the soul.  Who knew I could be so profound?
Certainly, not me.

Maybe jackets are just really cute, end of story. 

Quote of Today:
“Who knew you could kill an audition by taking your boot off.”

I Won’t Start A Fight But I Will Finish One

 Top – Campus Crew  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Threadsence  //  Zebra – Lustre in Montreal  //  Scarf – Trove in Toronto

Leaving the checkout, I notice the lady in the next aisle looking at Baby Girl snacking on a single serving bag of chips shaking her head.  She then looks at me with a dirty look.  Totally ticks me off when women judge each other’s ability to mother.  Lady, what do you know?

Yes, maybe once a month Baby Girl gets a single serving of chips all to herself.  There is nothing wrong with that.  And perhaps, you should compare our shopping carts before you shake your head at me.

Mine:  Kale, beets, cucmber, avocado, mixed nuts, bananas, almond milk, rice ice cream, apples, lemons, fresh chicken breasts, drumsticks, bag of basmati rice, cashew butter, eggs.

Hers:  McCain frozen meal, Frozen pizza, white wonder bread, big hunk of cheese, bag of cookies, sandwich meat, some frozen cooked meat, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoe.

I wasn’t judging you before *because I just don’t care*  but I certainly am now. 

You know what they say about people who live in glass houses right?
Don’t be throwin’ no s@#t around!

Not Angry, Just Wondering

Jacket – old
Shirt – Campus Crew
Dress – Threadsence
Boots – don’t know, they’re about 6 years old. 
Necklace – Lustre in Montreal
I realize now, looking over the pictures, that I look really angry.  I wasn’t and I’m not.  It was just bright out and I was doing a combination of a squint and a wonder if the camera actually went off, since I couldn’t hear it over the traffic.  Yup, not angry, just bright and curious.  
This is really my What-The-Heck-Is-Going-On face. 
Quote of today:
“Why does Dora never have her pants on?”

Who Will You Be?

Scarf – street stand; Jacket – H&M; Top – Ruche; Jeans – Gap; Boots – Feet First; Necklace – from Mom.

This morning I headed out to TA an acting class in Toronto.  I’m helping out with a kids class, but it’s nevertheless a great opportunity to see some young talent and get to know exactly what I’m doing.  I’m hoping that next time around I’ll have an adult class to TA so that I can see the grown-ups in action.  But right now the kids are great and it’s giving me some experience in running the equipment.

Watching these guys do their stuff makes me wonder what kind of girl my little one will become.  Will she be the shy one in class?  Or the loud and talkative one?  I wonder.  From what I can tell so far, she’ll be the squirmy one…and the troublemaker.

Quote of Today:
“I was gonna do this thing where I land, but I didn’t.”

Delving Into The Depths Of Grunge Depravity

Shirt – AE; Top – Jacob; Jeans – Guess; Boots – Aldo.

I’m loving a certain return to Grunge that’s going on in fashion right now.  I won’t, however, be embracing the no washing, dirty hair part of grunge.  But I am enjoying the resurgence of plaid.  And for the trip to the Doctor’s and for voice recording I wanted to remain very low-key and laid back.  Hence this plaid shirt. But I didn’t want to delve into the depths of fashion depravity, so I paired the ripped jeans and plaid shirt with a sequined top.  I think it added a little bit of fun to the whole ensemble.  And the fact that it’s a big sequin peace sign just made me smile the whole day.

Sequins are really in for the Fall, and not just for nights.  They’re really great during the day, but you have to make sure that you walk a fine balance between too dressy and too trashy.  It’s a difficult line to walk.  And it’s not one that I usually take on.  But I felt bold this day.  I only hope I managed to pull it off.

Oh and sorry about the odd shots today.  I didn’t have time to take pics until I got home – and the sun had already gone down by then.  So you get to see my sweaty, flat hair self.  And welcome to my den!

True Story:
Speaking of sun going down.  The moon was out in a wonder of cloud and glory!

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