Top – Campus Crew  //  Jeans – Gap  //  Boots – Threadsence  //  Zebra – Lustre in Montreal  //  Scarf – Trove in Toronto

Leaving the checkout, I notice the lady in the next aisle looking at Baby Girl snacking on a single serving bag of chips shaking her head.  She then looks at me with a dirty look.  Totally ticks me off when women judge each other’s ability to mother.  Lady, what do you know?

Yes, maybe once a month Baby Girl gets a single serving of chips all to herself.  There is nothing wrong with that.  And perhaps, you should compare our shopping carts before you shake your head at me.

Mine:  Kale, beets, cucmber, avocado, mixed nuts, bananas, almond milk, rice ice cream, apples, lemons, fresh chicken breasts, drumsticks, bag of basmati rice, cashew butter, eggs.

Hers:  McCain frozen meal, Frozen pizza, white wonder bread, big hunk of cheese, bag of cookies, sandwich meat, some frozen cooked meat, ketchup, lettuce, tomatoe.

I wasn’t judging you before *because I just don’t care*  but I certainly am now. 

You know what they say about people who live in glass houses right?
Don’t be throwin’ no s@#t around!