Jacket – Billy the Flying Tomato via Threadsence  //  Shirt – Everly  //  Corduroys – Le Chateau
Boots – Feet First  //  Bag – Ruche  //  Zebra Necklace – Lustre from Montreal  //  Sunnies – F21

Just so you know, I’m obsessed with jackets lately.  It seems that every shop I visit I’m supernaturally drawn to their jackets.  It’s probably the dropping degrees in the weather that have me reaching for fun outerwear, but then again it might be something else.

Maybe I’m searching for ways to cover up.  Maybe I’m searching for the perfect finishing touches.  Maybe it’s my new Joie de Vivre over the film shoots and auditions and wonderful feedback.  

Jackets, as a metaphor for life and the soul.  Who knew I could be so profound?
Certainly, not me.

Maybe jackets are just really cute, end of story. 

Quote of Today:
“Who knew you could kill an audition by taking your boot off.”