Shirt – AE; Top – Jacob; Jeans – Guess; Boots – Aldo.

I’m loving a certain return to Grunge that’s going on in fashion right now.  I won’t, however, be embracing the no washing, dirty hair part of grunge.  But I am enjoying the resurgence of plaid.  And for the trip to the Doctor’s and for voice recording I wanted to remain very low-key and laid back.  Hence this plaid shirt. But I didn’t want to delve into the depths of fashion depravity, so I paired the ripped jeans and plaid shirt with a sequined top.  I think it added a little bit of fun to the whole ensemble.  And the fact that it’s a big sequin peace sign just made me smile the whole day.

Sequins are really in for the Fall, and not just for nights.  They’re really great during the day, but you have to make sure that you walk a fine balance between too dressy and too trashy.  It’s a difficult line to walk.  And it’s not one that I usually take on.  But I felt bold this day.  I only hope I managed to pull it off.

Oh and sorry about the odd shots today.  I didn’t have time to take pics until I got home – and the sun had already gone down by then.  So you get to see my sweaty, flat hair self.  And welcome to my den!

True Story:
Speaking of sun going down.  The moon was out in a wonder of cloud and glory!