Jacket – Old Navy
Shirt – hand me down
Skirt – Mink Pink
Shoes – Payless
Necklace & Thumb Ring – F21
Safari Ring – Threadsence
I’m getting a bit more adventurous sartorially. *she says a little smugly* I’m actually a little proud of myself.  I used to never, ever wear leopard print – ever.  But then this vest was too appealing to resist and, well, once the barrier has been broken I think there’s no turning back, because then this skirt here became to appealing to resist…and there’s a tank top in a similar pattern that has me drooling.  So either I’m getting more adventurous, or I’m getting in touch with my inner wild cat.  
Either one works, really. 
p.s. While I was writing this post the song “Wild Women Do” from Pretty Woman was playing in my head.  Take from that what you will. 
Quote of Today:
“This hairdo is brought to you by Chez wet-hair-tied-up-in-an-elastic-all-night.”