I know. Everyone loves Fall. I don’t.

Pumpkin spice latte, the changing of the leaves, sweater season, and boots. These are all things celebrated on instagram and social media and the internets as joyous wonderful things. And yeah…fine…they’re good – except for the pumpkin spice latte – can’t stand those. Kudos if you like them, but to me they taste like creamy sugar and I very much dislike sugary drinks. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beautiful changing Fall colors, and sweaters, and boots. But I think about the things it means: The goodbye to warmth and beach days and did I mention warmth??

I know it means Winter is coming (eeek! Can’t resist a good Game of Thrones¬† nerd out opportunity) with it’s bitter winds, and frigid colds, and extreme ‘don’t leave the house’ weather warnings. I hate that, and I can already feel it happening. Yes, I can appreciate the beautiful reflections that come when you spend an evening under a blanket, etc. Yes, I can appreciate the opportunity to slow down. But I don’t have to like it.

I long for fields of green, endless rays of sunshine, and a warmth that sinks into my very marrow. So while, I have accepted the changing of the season, while I can appreciate the beauty and positive things it brings, I shall not, will not,¬†like it. I will take the time to reflect, and I shall make the best out of what nature gives…that’s the contentment I can achieve, but I will not like it.

Jumpsuit – Hilary MacMillan
Top – Wilfred via Value Village
Boots – Gypsy Found Objects
Necklace – hand me down from my Mom