She’s eight. She’s out of those years where memories impact us profoundly, but we don’t remember them. She’s in that stage now where memories are real and become part of our remembered history. 

She’s a Taylor Swift fan. Huge T-Swift fan *takes after her Mama, I guess*

She’s seen one small live music performance and was blown away by the fact that someone was actually singing in front of her.

I bought Taylor Swift Reputation tour tickets and took her to the big show, with Camilla Cabello as opener *another of her favs*

She will remember this…forever.

*Cue Super Hero Mom pose*


Jumpsuit – Tree of Life
Necklace – Raw Eco Jewlery
Bracelets – local artisan at a street festival , I forgot the name.
Sunnies – Common Sort
Shoes – Call It Spring
Bag – Muche et Muchette via Winners