I talked in my previous post in this series about sewing and skills. But now I’m going to talk about the mindset that goes along with that. The journeyman mindset.

It’s okay to try and f**k up. You’re going to have to try on scraps, re watch tutorials, break things down for yourself, and possibly *probably* remove seams and try again at some point. It’s okay. That’s totally acceptable. no one got it right on their first try. Be okay with f**king up. Be okay with the idea that in a few years you’ll look back at that repair and cringe. But guess what? Unless it’s a totally f**k up, it’s likely that no one will notice.

Seriously, when was the last time that someone got down on their knees and inspected the hemming job you did on that skirt? (And if they are, you’ve got some creepy weird people in your life). No one cares. Twirl in the pretty skirt/dress and no on will care that on the back left side the hem is a little uneven. Only you will, and it’s all part of the process. Now, to be fair, occassionally that piece will come along that you love so much that you’re afraid to practice your new skills on it. And that’s okay too. Take it to a seamstress. It’s okay to admit that you’re just not up to that task, or you love that too much. Bu other than those rare occasions? Just think, think, think, then cut and dig in. Remember to think. Did I mention think? Do it smart, but don’t be afraid to f**k up. ‘Cause you will. Everyone does. It’s how we learn.

It doesn’t have to be perfect. No one cares about perfection.

Dress – Kivari
Bag – c/o Novum Crafts
Boots – gift from Nashville